Our letterpress workshops are like no other.

Here you will get ‘hands on’ experience of setting wood type, hand inking & pulling the prints yourself. Our one day workshops are split into 2 parts. The first part is a group writing & designing project that allows the group to design & print together on the large FARLEY - print size is 450mm x 640mm.

Part 1.

The group begins by seeing examples of previous work & having a look through some of the type drawers.. approx 300 wood & metal founts. Then the group plays a round of the 1920s French Surrealist word game ‘the exquisite corpse’. The finished result is set in wood, inked by hand & then pulled by each member of the group. Stephen will show you how to print in 3 different ways which is entirely unique to hand inking:

1. Breathy inking (under inking)

2. Prefect printing (solid black)

3. Juicy printing (over inking)

Part 2.

After lunch each member is free to design their own print on the second proofing press - print size is 320mm x 450mm. Stephen will be happy to help at any stage.

Materials, lunch and a cold beer (when we’re finished) is all included.
Everyone goes home with 2 original prints that they’ve made.

We have spare aprons, but it’s a good idea to wear old clothes too.

Workshop tim3s are 10am - 6pm but might occasionally overrun.


1 ticket £106.79
2 tickets £171.51
group ticket of 6 £425.39

Maximum course size is 6.

To book please visit: www.eventbrite.com

We can accomodate larger groups - please contact Stephen for more details.

or call Stephen: 07786640053
email: stephen@atwopipeproblem.com