Design by movabale type.

The business of 'design by movable type' is not what it used to be. Letterpress began sometime around 1440 - with Johannes Gutenburg in Germany. Right up until 1996 you could still order wood & metal type from either Stephenson Blake or DeLittle type foundries. That was the end of an era that had lasted 550 years. Today, letterpress lives on but in a very different way. There are a handful of private presses up & down the country. This is one of them. We're all doing our own thing in our own way, the common ground is our love of letterpress.

Established in 2007, A Two Pipe Problem Letterpress is run by Stephen Kenny from The House Of Problems in Leyton, East London. Everything here is designed & printed directly on one of 3 machines using movable wood & metal type. Everything is printed one at a time by hand. Design by moveable type is very phyical way to work. The type in the collection come from type foundrys in England, France, Germany & the USA.

The House Of Problems produces a range of stationery, prints & apparel. We are consantly working on concepts for print & textile design.

The work of A Two Pipe Problem can be found all over the UK & also in Paris, Copenhagan, Luxembourg, Sydney, Vancouver, Boston, LA, Portland, Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, South Korea, Hong Kong & Taipei.

Projects are as varied as the wood type itself: book covers, record covers, luaggage labels, beer mats, notepads & fabric for Eames chairs in Japan.

Clients include: TATE publishing, The V&A, innocent smoothies, M&C Saatchi, Paul Smith & Uniqlo.